28 October, 2020

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Don't lose your life, home or loved one to fire: 9 Heating Safety Tips
Temperatures have dropped quickly and people are trying to keep warm. With fireplaces, wood stoves, electric space heaters and kerosene heaters supplementing central heating systems, the risk of house fires increases. A single-family, two-story home in Readington Township was destroyed by fire on... Read More...


Dryers and washing machines were involved in one out of every 22 home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments in 2006-2010. Click here for more...

Prevent Dryer Fires in your Home HERE...

Show your support to the Emergency Services of Hopewell Valley by purchasing a yard sign and proudly displaying it on your property. Signs are $15 each, we will accept Venmo. Your sign is only reserved once payment has been received.

They are on order and should arrive within the week. Signs can be locally dropped off at your home or picked up at the firehouse. When paying please include your name and pickup or drop off preference. If pickup, we will contact you once they arrive to arrange pickup. If drop off, please provide your address. We can't wait to see all the signs displayed throughout Hopewell Valley!

Here's the link for Venmo payment (via past chief Joseph Novak):


HFD takes delivery of a new Chiefs Car

2020 Chevy Tahoe SSV

The department took delivery of the vehicle back in March, and the committee has been making decisions and the up-fitters have been working diligently on adding the lights and radios to the vehicle. Currently the vehicle is out getting lettered and when done, will look like the drawing above. Expect to start seeing it on calls by the beginning of May. This vehicle will be one of a handful of vehicles that will have the new technology from Whelen Engineering's CORE line. This new technology incorporates DVI light patterns which signal the drivers on the roadway to recognize the emergency vehicle more reliably and enables them to safely move over. 


After 9 years at the helm, HFD Chief Joe Novak has decided to turn the reins over to the new Fire Chief Will Mullen. Here is Fire Chief Mullen being sworn in by the 1st Lady of NJ Tammy Murphy at Borough Hall last Thursday. Chief Mullen was joined by his wife Jackie and sons Ethan and Riley. Below is the group picture after all line officers where sworn in. 


Great turnout for a returning war veteran. Our own Michael Toth came home last week after serving a tour in Afghanistan. He is an Army flight medic, patrolman with HTPD and a Marine vet from the Gulf war. Everyone is glad to see him back in the U.S. safe and sound...especially his wife, President Christie Toth.


The call came in for a residential structure fire just after rush hour. Seems there may have been an explosion and the PD was reporting the house was fully involved. Quint 52, Rescue 52 and Tanker 52 all responded and helped Station 51 extinguish the blaze. 


The sirens went off early this morning when a call came into HTPD radio room about a car on fire. Unfortunately not only did the first car catch the car next to it on fire but it also burned a nearby pickup. Crews from around the Valley extinguished the fire and thankfully no one was hurt and they had a good stop on the garage exterior. If you look thru the smoke on the right side you'll see Lt. Ben Crane going to work.  


Quint 52 on the scene of a smoke condition at a local Hopewell Twp business


Blast from the past...

This is our old American La France pumper working on what we know today as Princeton Pike. Apparently there was a water shortage in Trenton and there was a water relay setup between Princeton and Trenton water departments.


HFD Building gets final touch with new sign for the fire bays. We got the night lit up right...


This past fall we welcomed a new (to us) response vehicle for our EMU Chief. 


Once again our brothers and sisters from Station 51 assisting us with hoisting the American Flag for the September 11th ceremony. 


HFD Assists Station 51 with residential structure fire

Pictured here is Plainsboro Fire's tankers view of our drafting operation setup as there are no fire hydrants in this development. Engine 52 is the primary pumper feeding water to the scene from the dump tanks. (photo: Plainsboro Fire Co)


Goodbye old friend hope you enjoy retirement in your new home. Well the 1992 E-One Rescue truck has been sold and now runs calls in Tennessee. 


FF Frank Scalice graduated from the Somerset County 

Fire Academy this week. FF Scalice is thrilled to be able to be an interior 

firefighter and help his community. Pictured here with Chief Joe Novak. 


Rescue 52 has arrived!







Quick Response from HFD for Alarm Saves Most of House

July 6 - Station 52 was toned out for a fire alarm at a Twp residence and as Quint 52 rounded the corner they realized the house had active heavy fire showing from the rear. The Quint's officer Chris Jones struck the 1st alarm bringing help from around the Valley, Montgomery, Princeton, Lawrence and Ewing. 

The Quint's crew went into action, pulling a 2 1/2" line and dousing the fire showing behind the house. Meanwhile, the Quints driver Chief Engineer John Novak placed the ladder over the roof line and once the water supply was established, sprayed CFAS to quash the fire. These two actions made a tremendous difference in saving as much of the house as they did. 


HFD Rescues Man from Burning Home

Mar 10 - Late this afternoon Valley companies were called into Hopewell Boro for a working structure fire. When HTPD Officer Ferner arrived he was met with fire showing from the rear of the residence. Quint 52 arrived and went into service knocking the fire down from the back door, then started their primary search. As they made their way to the 2nd floor, they found the homeowner at the top of the stair landing as he was making his way out of the house and was overcome by the heat and smoke. The Quint crew and Hopewell Valley Emergency Services crew from the career ambulance was able to successfully remove the homeowner from the smoke  filled house. He was transported to CHS Hopewell with life threatening injuries. Later that evening he was flown to a trauma center in Philadelphia. We are happy to announce he is recovering nicely and should be making his way home soon!


HFD Puts Quick Knock on Appliance Fire

Jan 17 - It was cold this morning when the pagers went off, as help was needed in Hopewell Boro just a stones throw from the Department. The 9-1-1 caller stated he had a fire, the refrigerator was ablaze. Quick efforts by first responders Past Chief Greg Peck, along with HTPD Officer Joe McNeil were able to extinguished the flames with water and a dry chemical extinguisher. There was slight damage to the wall but the all clear was given by the Quint crew on arrival. Remember to check your household extinguishers to make sure they are not expired, and make sure your smoke detectors are working.


HFD Battles Chimney Fire

Jan 12 - Crews were called for a chimney fire early Tuesday morning after the homeowner called worried about the smoke lingering in the house. Upon fire department arrival, they found the crumbling chimney fully blocked. Due to safety concerns, and the active fire in the chimney, it was decided to remove the chimney to the roof level. The roof crew was met with flames from years of built up creosote. The chimney was extinguished and overhauled, but due to the cold weather the family was assisted by the Red Cross, as the house was deemed uninhabitable.


HFD Juniors get a Home

Hopewell Fire Dept Juniors finally got a new home in the Engine Bay. The rack was purchased with funds from the Boro Fire Commissioners. They even installed it themselves. If you or someone you know would like more information about the HFD Junior program, for teens aged 15-17 email Chris Jones, Junior Advisor at cjones@hopewellfire.com


HFD Battles 2nd Alarm Barn Fire in Pennington

A large barn burnt late Tuesday night, cause still unknown. Quint, Tanker, and Engine 52 responded and all crews went to work. After 5 grueling hours and 91,000 gallons of water, a loader was brought in from Public Works to get to the hot spots. All crews were released at 0400.


HFD Battles Extreme Cold During House Fire

Feb 15 - Crews battled low temps on Sunday afternoon after being dispatched for a roof fire. Deputy Chief Mullen arrived to find the roof engulfed in flames and the 2nd floor with heavy fire conditions. Quint 52 arrived and stretched a 2 1/2" line to the roof while Rescue 52 laid a 5" supply line from the hydrant 1100' away. Tanker 52 arrived and fed the Quint until Tower 23 was in place and the supply line was charged.  Aerial master streams were put in place and the fire was knocked down within 90 mins. See more photos here...


MVA Leads to Car Fire

Feb 10 - Rescue 52 was called into service to assist Station 51 and Station 50 units already on-scene with a motor vehicle collision where the vehicle then caught on fire. Crews were able to extinguish the fire until the fuel tank ruptured and they applied a blanket of foam to contain the spill and fire. Rescue 52 arrived to supplement the foam blanket while recovery crews removed the truck and trailer from the ditch.  See more photos here...


Chimney Fire on a Cold Night

Jan 18 - In the cold chill of the dark night all Valley fire companies were sent to a Reed Rd home for a reported chimney fire. HTPD arrived and attempted to snuff out the roaring fire with extinguishers. There were multiple embers falling from the top of the chimney onto the roof. Rescue 51 arrived and removed the firebox contents while Squirt 53 laddered the roof to run the chains down. Quint 52 arrived supplying manpower to the scene. All units cleared after the family was allowed back into the home. See more photos here...


Station 52 battles Shed Fire Involving RV

Jan 17 - The sirens quickly broke thru the cold wind this afternoon when Station 52 along with EMS and Engine 51 were detailed to a possible shed fire. Soon other calls came in confirming the fire which extended to a nearby recreational vehicle. First due crews from Engine and Quint 52 attacked the fire and quickly extinguished the blaze. Tanker 52 soon arrived for aqueous support. Chief 52 held with 52 units on scene while HTPD and HVES investigate the origin of the fire.


HFD goes Phase V

Nov 4 - Large turnout for the annual fall fire evolution at Somerset County Fire Academy. This year we participated in the Swede Phase V live burn drill. Several evolutions were conducted including search and rescue scenarios. More photos here...


Sept 6 - Hopewell Valleys 2014 9/11 Memorial was another beautiful event. The large flag was flown between Quint 52 and Tower 51. Chief Joe Novak delighted the crowd with a few songs, and finally the unveiling of the personalized bricks. The Memorial has finally been completed. Thank you to the Memorial Committee and Past Police Chief Mike Chipowsky for all the hard work and dedication.


Division of Fire Safety Warns of Dangerous Act




Aug 1 - The Division of Fire Safety today sent out a warning about a highly popular stunt young people seem to be doing over social media outlets called the Fire Challenge. Not only is this a dangerous act, the risks associated with it can be life threatening and/or scar you for life. Several people have been burned and even Good Morning America did a piece on this Monday morning on ABC...click here for Alert and here for GMA piece...


Station 46 Celebrates New Pumper Arrival

July 29 - HFD helped Montgomery #2 Station 46 christen thier new pumper today participating in the Wetdown. Several members lent a hand welcoming this new modern piece into service. See more pics here...


HFD Runs the Jaws Thru Em

July 22 - HFD practiced with 3 cars using the Jaws of Life on drill night. Different scenarios and techniques were used to maintain proficiency.


Summer Time Calls for Pump Action

July 3 - On one of the hottest days of the year, here we see Engine 52 pulling a draft from the Stony Brook Creek on the Rt 654 overpass. Chris Jones is manning the pump panel as his son Jacob looks on. The water access point you see here is a 25' drop to the water source.


Hopewell Valley Fireworks thrills young and old at Veterans Park

All Hopewell Valley fire and ems companies lent a hand for the annual fireworks display June 26. Here is Brush 52 pulling perimeter check duty at the conclusion of the show.


Quick Knockdown Saves House

April 17 - Station 52 was called out to assist a homeowner who smelled smoke and saw flames coming from the back of the house late Thursday night. Rescue 51, Telesquirt 53, Engine 33, and Telesquirt 23 all responded to assist. The caller poured water from a pot on the fire prior to the Fire Companies arrival which kept the flames at bay until the crew from Rescue 51 doused the side of the house with the lead off 1 3/4" line. Crews did some short overhaul and turned the scene over to Hopewell Twp Police and Hopewell Valley Bureau of Fire Safety for the investigation. More pictures here...


Tanker 52 Participates in Large Water Shuttle

April 6 - Tanker 52 was requested to help with a large scale LDH water shuttle in Middlesex County recently. It dumped 5 loads of water for 20,000 gallons. Our Tanker had one the of fastest unloading times beating even 3500 gallon tankers. We refilled and unloaded in about 17 minutes with a 2 mile round trip to the fill site. There were over 45 pieces of fire equipment involved from Engines, Ladders and Tankers. They laid over one mile of 5" LDH in Thompson Park with 10 engines spaced 700' apart. The Tanker was put to the test and seemed to be the talk of the event as it was not only the newest truck there, but also the most efficient and well laid out. Many compliments were received. Thanks to the tanker committee and Sutphen for fixing all the bugs and getting this truck road ready. It really is a true modern fire fighting piece that stands up to any challenge. More pictures from the day here...


HFD Assists Ringoes with Structure Fire


Feb 28 - Just past 9 pm Friday night and the sirens spun up to full speed alerting members of the Hopewell Fire Dept of a mutual aid structure fire in Ringoes. Peacock Country Store was ablaze and it was spreading to the adjoined multiple apartments. Upon arrival crews found all residents were safely out of the building, but smoke and fire were present. This building, estimated to be about 150 years old was of balloon type construction with no fire breaks so the fire easily raged out of control as it raced up the walls. Within the hour the fire had breached the roof as it collapsed into the structure. Crews kept it at bay until a water supply was established. Once the master streams were put into service the fire was quickly doused by Quint 52 and 21 (Raritan Twp). The bitter cold (12') and remote rural area with no established water source, made this fire a handful to  contain. Top picture shows Quint 52 about to go in service with the stick, and below Engine 52 pumping at the draft site along side Tanker 52. See more pictures here...and here courtesy of NJ.com.


HFD Assists PFD at Fire with Entrapment

Feb 6 - Hopewell Fire Dept and EMU were called to assist at a residential house fire with reported entrapment early Wednesday morning. Engine 31 was clearing from another call and  arrived to heavy smoke and fire conditions. HTPD officers attempted the rescue from the front bedroom window. They were hampered by the high window sill which made it difficult to access the patient. Engine 31's crew and the officers successfully recovered the resident and transferred care to the crew from Pennington First Aid. Engine 51, TS 23,  Engine 52, 53 and 33 crews went to work to extinguish the fire which may have started by an unattended candle. The power was out in the neighborhood. Rescue 32 stood by for RIT, and  a 2nd alarm tanker assignment was called which brought water from Bucks, Hunterdon and Somerset Counties. The fire was declared under control in under an hour and the scene was turned over the fire investigators.


Nov 11 - Crews were called to this grisly wreck on Carter Rd Monday when the driver reportedly fell asleep behind the wheel. Rescue 52, Squad 152, Squad 159, with Rescue 51 and Engine 50 responded and worked together to free the driver. Medics from CHS were on hand to monitor the patient and crews had the extrication completed within the hour. More pictures here.


Oct 11 - The last 23 years this Tanker served the residents of Hopewell Valley and beyond, always doing it's diligent duty. From putting out house fires, standing by while big city water pipes went dry, watering expensive sports fields during droughts and filling pools, it is certainly worth its weight in gold. But as things do, it was time to replace this aging work horse. You may have seen the pretty new truck that took its place on these very pages, but although thats new and stronger, don't count this oldie out. It has now started a new life, as it travels the roadways headed south towards New Salem, NC it begins a new journey for a new community.


Feb 4 - HFD assisted Amwell Valley FD with a working fire at a Rt 31 residence. Upon arrival crews had heavy fire conditions and zero visibility. The Quint, Engine and Tanker were put into service and were onscene for 6 hours fighting the blaze. See more pictures here.


October 13 - As HFD was setting up for the Harvest Fair, the sirens rang out in town for a mutual aid tanker call in Bucks County PA. A large barn was burning at a local farm and water was in short supply. Deputy Chief Mullen was at the wheel of Tanker 52 and after a 25 minute drive they made to the scene where, with the assistance of FF/EMT Dave VanDoren shuttled 12,000 gallons of water for fire suppression. More pictures here...


Jan 23 - Foggy and wet roads contributed to this messy MVA on Cherry Valley Rd in Hopewell Twp. A single vehicle lost control and slid into the heavy timber pole carrying high tension and secondary power wires including phone and cable services. When the first police unit arrived, followed by Rescue 52, they found a car on its side with the pole impeding into the passenger compartment. The driver was still trapped inside. Initial reports were the car was on fire, but thankfully that only proved to be steam from the decimated engine compartment. PSE&G was contacted and shut down all power in the area affecting a few thousand customers. As soon as the electric was cut, Rescue 52's crew went into service assisted by Rescue 51 who were special called by Chief 50. The rescue was supervised by Ast Chief Galatro and Deputy Chief Mullen who took command. The battery was cut, the pole's weight was supported with the Para Tech kit, and once sufficent time passed for the air bag modules to de-energize, the roof was removed for patient access. The patient was transferred to 152 EMS and medics from Capital Health.    More pictures here...


Photo curtesy of NJ.com
Jan 20 - The siren roared to life about 1711 hours as the Ewing Twp fire companies fought a 2nd alarm fire. The request was to cover Station 32's fire house but as Engine 52 started south soon command upgraded to the 3rd alarm and pulled Engine 52 into the scene for a 2nd RIT. Manpower and tools were needed to break thru the well constructed roof of a new school being built just off the property of Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, so as they arrived they were put into service on the roof. Chief 52 arrived and was assigned as manager of manpower. Once heavy machinery arrived on site they were able to pull up the heavy roofing materials and extinguish the blaze underneath. The fire started as contractors were cutting thru the roof extending vent pipes.   

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